Our staff manages the day-to-day operations of the Federation, working to ensure assistance and support for foster families and Foster Family Associations in the province.

Gary Landry – Executive Director

Gary is responsible for the overall management and coordination of the Federation office and staff. He is responsible for communication with foster parents, agency personnel, the Department of Community Services and other provincial, national and international foster care groups. Gary also works closely with, and is responsible to, the Federation’s Board of Directors. Gary also serves on other committees as requested.

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Denyse Hockley– Executive Assistant to the Executive Director

Denyse is responsible for the daily operations of the office. She also maintains the provincial foster parent database and sends materials to new foster parents. Denyse's other key responsibilities are sending referrals to the Regional Recruitment Workers and maintaining the statistics for this service as well as the editor of the biannual newsletter for foster parents across Nova Scotia.

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Debbie Thibault – Coordinator of Training & Peer Support Services

Debbie is responsible for the administration of the Levels of Care training programs (NVCI, Sensitivity, PRIDE) as well as the ongoing evaluation and revision of training materials. She also supervises Federation training staff and trainers throughout the province. Debbie is also responsible for recruiting new trainers and supporting/supervising existing ones.

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Michele Roberts – Executive Assistant, Training

Michele assists in organizing the Levels of Care training programs. Foster parent training registration, documentation of foster parent training records and maintenance of the statistics related to training. 

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Kim Bulger - Project Assistant, Peer Support Services

Kim assists the Coordinator of Training & Peer Support Services in the development and implementation of the new Peer Support Services. This includes the recruitment, selection, and training of PSS Volunteers, and the development and delivery of both training materials and resource materials which will assist volunteers as they provide support to other foster parents. Kim will assist in the day to day operations of and record keeping for Peer Support Services and will aid in the evaluation, adaption, and future planning for the program.

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Jill Martin – Foster Allegation & Support Social Worker

In her role, Jill acts as an advocate and support person to foster families facing allegations of abuse or neglect. The Foster Allegation & Support Social Worker also delivers information sessions to Agency/District Office staff regarding the protocol for investigating allegations of abuse or neglect in foster homes, and how Workers can assist Foster Parents in the safeguarding process. Jill also maintains current statistical data and prepares periodic reports, including an Annual Report.

Foster parents requiring assistance can contact Jill directly at (902) 424-2711 or 1-888-845-1555

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Rose Callaghan, Comptroller/IT Manager

Rose is responsible for the financial management of the Federation’s accounts, both operational and training. She also serves as our Representative on the Awareness and Recruitment Committee. 

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