Board of Directors

Our board is comprised of two Foster Parent Representatives from each region of the province, two Mi’kmaq Representatives (Cape Breton & Mainland) and two African Nova Scotians who are Provincial Representatives. All Board Members are elected to three-year terms.

Board Members represent foster parents in the province, and as such, take direction from the foster parents in their respective regions. Regular regional meetings of the Board of Directors are planned to hear and discuss foster parents’ issues, concerns and wishes. We are a collaborative organization where every voice matters.



February 2017

African Nova Scotian Reps

Anita MacMillan

  • (902) 622-2196
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Iona Smith

  • (902) 435-4539

Eastern Region

Wendell Fraser

Chair of the Board

  • (902) 862-8916 
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Bill Hill

  • (902) 226-3778
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Western Region

Joy Sweeney


  • (902) 742-9786
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Ethel Wentzell

Vice Chair

  • (902) 543-8280
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Central Region

Patricia Cain

  • (902) 407-2337 
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Ann Jennex-Roberts

  • (902) 422-2407
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Mi’kmaq (Cape Breton)

Sheila Cabot

  • (902) 379-1335
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Darlene Arseneau (Mainland)

  • (902) 986-9112
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Northern Region

Patricia Norman

  • (902) 863-8351
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Rose-Ann Wright


  • (902) 673-3320
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